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The Covid 19 is airborne. It lands on surfaces from hands and from sneezing, coughing, talking, etc. Many places around the world are using UV light/Ozone including hospitals and schools  to sterilize the air for mold, dust mites, bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces. This is a much needed device in homes, schools, grocery stores, salons, restaurants, meeting rooms, clinics, doctor’s offices and at home. If China uses UV lights to contain airborne covid, we need it also. Hospitals in usa use it in between covid patients leaving rooms. 
There is a resurgence of covid and delta virus. Some people have allergens or poor quality air in their homes and work also. When we sleep better at night without congestion our immune system is enhanced. People with a compromised immune system need clean air and surfaces. We all need it. The very young and the very old and people with comorbidities are in need of air free of viruses,  bacteria and mold spores mostly. 
The 2 tube UV LIGHT on a stand with remote control and a timer kills what’s in the air and surfaces plus the ozone pulls it to the floor. Crispy clear air!  I turn it on for an hour upstairs in the early evening. When it’s done it has a fresh air ozone scent that dissipates quickly. Then I sleep congestion free.  Right now where people congregate there may covid in the air or on surfaces if you use this lamp it will be gone. It’s a safe sterilizer. Being a medical professional 25 years I highly recommend this lamp to eradicate or kill covid and pull all bacteria, mold, dust to floor in any place especially classrooms, businesses, homes and where people frequent!   

written by Theresa Brewer, RN. BS

CEO of

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